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25 things about me

Hi I'm Kryss, 20, from Phoenix. I'm posting my 25 Things About me from my Facebook page. Look it over & I hope you add me! I love meeting people from all walks of life.

1. I love surprises and I feel sad when they are spoiled in advance.

2. I am the queen of spicy foods. I once ate wings hot wing so spicy the restaurant made me sign a waiver, and when I finished them I won a teeshirt and they put my picture on the wall! Unfortunately my fingers burned for 3 days and I ended up puking 4 times.

3. I have always wanted my nose pierced.

4. I love everything that has to do with Spain. I want to master the language and live there for at least a year.

5. I love most every genre of music. Seriously. We're talking classic rock, rap and hiphop, death metal, reggae, jazz... Everything! Even Spanish music. I don't, however, enjoy country music in the slightest.

6. The thought of being married with kids frightens me.

7. My astrological sign is Scorpio. I don't neccessarily believe in that sort of thing but I think the profile fits me well. My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Dragon.

8. I love watching ghost movies because they're the only kind of movies that really scare me. I hate gorey horror movies.

9. I love sleep and avoid caffeine for the most part. Nothing makes me feel better than being naturally energized for the day. I have to get the proper amount of sleep at least every other night. Also, I never take naps.

10. I am usually the peacemaker. I hate scrappin'

11. My favorite sports are basketball and UFC! They are the most exciting. My favorite team is the Suns of course! Favorite fighter is Wanderlei Silva.

12. I am a terrible driver and have had some really bad luck driving.

13. I love Vikings. I don't have any tattoos but if I ever got one it would probably have something to do with them. I also think it would be cool to have a Viking funeral when I die.

14. Everything about me is totally disorganized.

15. I like Frankenstein (or Frankenstein's Monster really). I used to collect Frankenstein stuff, and of course Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is one of my all time favorite books. Speaking of reading, I really do enjoy reading but I rarely do.

16. I really enjoyed my Philosophy classes at school. I've never had professors that challenged me to think about life so much.

17. I played the flute for 6 years, and twice I went to Disneyland to play. I also tried my hand at the guitar for 2 years, and have messed around with the trumpet, saxophone, and piano. I like singing too, and I have secretly always wanted to be the singer of a band with a style like Sublime. I regret that I quit playing instruments, and someday I want to start again.

18. Being outside makes me happy. I love the fresh air in the morning the most. I love just being out in nature with the flowers and the trees. I like looking at the clouds and staring out into space in the night. I have a passion for Earth and Environmental Sciences.

19. I love ocean and going to the beach. I love stuff with sea creatures on it, especially jellyfish, octopus, or seahorses. I like Marine Biology and Oceanography.

20. I have always been interested in the fashion world and at one point considered attending FIDM in Los Angeles for fashion design. Someday I think it would be cool to be a fashion merchandiser and maybe even own a boutique.

21. I'm a creative person and I appreciate art of all kinds. I have taken drawing and photography classes, but I was never all that great at either.

22. I like strange and dark books/movies that have to do with things like serial killers, drugs, gangs, the Mafia, crime, crazy people, etc. I love Psychological Thrillers. On the flip side I love girlie fairytale fantasy movies like Stardust.

23. I've got a talent for writing that I unfortunately do not use much. In third grade my teacher loooved me because I used to write and illustrate little books and read them to the class haha. I've won a few writing competitions in the past. I have the feeling someday I'll end up writing books or something.

24. One of my biggest secrets is my gauged ears. They're size 0g. I did them back in my Sophonmore of high school and don't plan on ever taking them out!

25. I am finally 21 this year and I couldn't be more excited about it!

Any other questions for me, just ask :]

If you are adding me, please comment or send me a message. Feel free to tell me a little about yourself! I don't like to just add random people.

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