Kris B. (averagejoe1980) wrote in add_me,
Kris B.



My name's KB. I'm a trained cook. I majored in culinary arts for two years. I'm also a self-proclaimed singer and musician. I play trumpet. I was in the band for X years. I'm very introverted, afraid of large groups of people in person, and consider myself a complex individual. I mood swing often. Usually I'm either sad, depressed, angry, or just annoyed, but I do have good moods as well. I don't swing violently or anything. It's just I get upset easily. I don't post on a day to day basis, and for that I'm sorry. I would, though, like to meet new people and enrich my life with other outside the boring states of Georgia. While I'd like some friends to hang out with that live near me in Augusta, it's not mandatory at all. I have four pets consisting of two dogs and two cats. I have younger siblings. I simply adore music that I can sing with. I draw from time to time, and video games are a hobby of mine as well. Feel free to talk to me, or add me. Ask any questions you feel like, since I'm practically an open book anyway. Thank you.


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