bri_smiles (bri_smiles) wrote in add_me,

Hey there!

Hey, I'm Brianna! I've had this lj since the beginning of the new year, and I really want to make new friends that I actually get to know on here!

I'm 18, almost 19, and I go to a small private Christian university in Southern California, studying biochemistry so I can go to medical school. I love The Office, John and Kate Plus Eight, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Twilight, Will Farrell movies, Mean Girls, and other pointless things like that. I post almost daily on lj and I love reading other peoples' journals.
I would love to make friends with all kinds of different people who are actually interested in getting to know each other, not just trying to have the biggest f-list on lj. I don't mind when people have different opinions than mine (I actually love it), but you should know that I'm a pretty conservative Christian girl, so I don't like reading about alcohol, drugs, sex, and partying. Let's just keep it clean, ok?

Comment here or on my friends only post so we can get to know each other! =)


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