oubliezmoi (oubliezmoi) wrote in add_me,

hi my name is Aisha
19 year-old from Montreal
planning to become an english major (just applied!)
i love bollywood films (even though i can't understand anything they're saying haha)
i read too much and it can be anything: books, magazines, cereal boxes, medication bottles...
i can't leave my house without my iPod
kinda shy but i'm working on being more outgoing
i'm a klutz
i work at a popular clothing store you might have heard of ;)
i wish i had more freedom, i'm too much of a free spirit to have *authoritative figures* hold me back
going through a sort of coming-of-age transformation in my life
i don't wear a lot of makeup
i overanalyze things sometimes
love musicals
i'm very awkward at times :/
i can get very depressed sometimes
made a new journal, but i've know lj for a very long time
i'll usually post pictures as i'm learning photoshop
photography is becoming a hobby for me
as well as quotes, random thoughts, rants and maybe my writing if im courageous enough :)
i love reading other people's journals; just getting to know the life of someone else is fascinating to me
i'm not picky about who i add!

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