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Hey, folks.

I currently don't have any good photos of me (No camera). You'll have to deal with information for now. xD

- My name is Suzanne.
- I am 18.
- I live in northern Florida.
- Native of Long Island, New York.
- I love to make new friends.
- I would love to visit Ireland.
- HUGE Led Zeppelin fan.
- Relatively intelligent.
- I hope to get some tattoos and a lip piercing.
- My girlfriend Amber means more than the world to me.
- I consider myself bisexual.
- I support homosexuality and gay marriage 100%.
- I am not a vegetarian or straight-edge.
- I'll drink occasionally.
- Cigarettes don't do anything for me.
- My favorite television show is Supernatural.
- I am big Dean Winchester fan. ^_^
- I really, really detest the Twilight series.
- It's okay if you like it, just don't shove it in my face.
- Add me if you like any of these things. 8D

My journal if friends-locked. Just comment on the entry.

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