ohthisstar (ohthisstar) wrote in add_me,

I've been on lj for a little while but who says you can have too many lj friends? 

A little about me:

- I'm 25, female.  I live (near) and work (in) Boston.
- I live with roommates and have a cat who steals food.
- I actually do read my friends journals and try to comment when I can (this often happens at said job that I mentioned above)
- I post about anything and everything.  Day to day stuff, shows I've been to, music I like, my horrid dating life, how much I hate winter (this seems to come up a lot lately).  I throw some pictures in for good measure here and there.

All I ask is that you're not an asshole and are somewhat close to my age.  my friends list does not consist of 15 year olds.  If you think we'd get along add me or comment here.  If you look at my profile you'll get a better idea of my interests. 

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