corgantron (corgantron) wrote in add_me,

Some new friends

Yeah so I've just realised that a lot people on my friends list have either deleted their journal or just cut down on their updating and only post something maybe once every two months. So I'm thinking it wouldn't be so bad to have some new friends that I can read the journals of and get comments from ;)

Basically the rundown: I'm a nineteen year old guy, quite cynical, work in retail and I have no clue what I should do with the rest of my life.

A lot of my posts will involve the following: bitching about jerk customers and annoying co-workers, rants about the minutia of my life, blogs about music and my opinions on it, reminiscing on my childhood, writing about my day, the odd survey/ meme and occasionally I get in the mood for writing some form of short story.

I'm a cynical, sarcastic person, I am obsessed with The Smashing Pumpkins/ Billy Corgan, I watch Seinfeld, Scrubs and Peep Show regularly, I enjoy Kevin Smith movies, I play video games (360) and have recently started reading comic books quite regularly, I play drums and am learning guitar, I drum in a band that should be starting to gig this year with any luck.

I'll try to comment as often as I can as long as I have something relevant/ useful to say.

Feel free to add me and either comment here or my friends only post :D

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