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Ok, 2nd shot b/c I'm so damn new

I'm what you'd call a "free spirit", pretty out there- getting John Lennon and Yoko Ono tattood on me

I have what I call a "salt" tooth, I'll suck the salt of pretzels and dispose of the pretzels..same with pickles

Brand new on here, fresh out of the womb

25, Orlando, originally from NJ

I'm OBSESSED with music in general and Jay and Silent Bob, plus all Kevin Smith movies

I'm the only person you'll meet without Myspace...probably

I'm the girl who looks really sweet (and I am, I swear) but I loooooove to have a few drinks, kick back and tell awful jokes (ppl say I have a mouth lik a sailor), I just have crude/dark humor I guess

I'm down, meaning loyal as hell if you're a real friend of mine

I dig unique individuals, people that interest me- I'm sure most of you are interesting, huh?

I love The Beatles, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors etc etc but tons of other shxt too, I'm ecclectic :)

And I'm pretty honest, not brutally or in a mean way lol, but I don't bow down and kiss peoples asses, I think we need more peole like that

Spontaneous, crazy, fun, loyal and sweet would describe me...and my love of salt...so...salty, too :) but not sour...if that makes sense lol

If you're fun, chill, honest, rockin, etc add me! Much love

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