Iman (beitalianox3) wrote in add_me,

helloo :] I'm this weird girl who lives in the small city of Dubai. Yes, thats in the Middle East. I'm muslim. I'm obsessed with all things Italy. I'm the Gym Class Heroes of Livejournal. I giggle too much for my own good. I'm currently in my "i hate life" phase. I'm too fan-y for my own good [as in i'm too much of a fangirl.]. I love hugs! I also love nice people. I'm Somali. I want to learn Italian. I should be going on a study program this summer in Paris [if im still alive and the world hasn't died =]. I love British accents. I've travelled to 17 different countries in the last 15 years. I'm a spring baby. I'll be nice, and i definitely don't bite. I want a tongue peircing. Spelling is not something i'm good at. I don't like to judge, but hey, i'm human, it happens. I'm aware of the fact that i never take responsibility for things. My beliefs are strong, and if you do things i'm against, that doesn't mean i'll hate you as long as you don't attack me for being "brainwashed" and "ignorant". Destiny's Child is amazing, i wish they would have a reunion tour. I'm a addict. New music is awesome, i blog about music a lot. Can't stand metal. Boo-hoo. Smiley faces are awesome. Hmm, im weird, i'll just stop before i ramble about more random things.

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