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fullfathom05 in add_me


Um, hi. I've technically had an LJ for a while, but I haven't been using it for some time until a little birdie told me to come back. Anyhow...

* I find thinking about myself difficult.

* I'm heavily into Victorian Revival, rococo, time-travel, and all that fun stuff.

* I think androids and lolitas are adorable
*I'm bisexual- so it's easy to guess where I stand on gay rights legislation...

* I love talking/meeting LJ people, I also like commenting journals.

*I worship at the altar of Sylvia Plath.

*I'm in my teens, but in possession of a brain.

*I love indie comics, I have seriously considered writing Wet Moon fanfiction

*Ross Campbell= <3
*Anime is not something I feel particularly strongly about one way or the other, but I have quite a few favorite series.... ::facepalm:: Okay, more than a few.

* Oh yeah, I write stuff and post it... not too often but sometimes. I love reading other people's work, be it prose, poetry, personal essay, etc.

*I have a leaning towards all things goth and steampunk. And a bias for frilly stuffs.

* I live in NYC

* Looking for LJ friends (obviously) <3


Sylvia Plath is one of my favorite poets. I'm adding you. I'm also from NYC. :)
Yey, thanks. Sylvia Plath addicts unite.
I love the Tiger Lillies (and their fan-base of course) Thanks. :3 They're probably huge because I'm not in full control of encoding photos though.

Are you a Jeanette Winterson reader? I spotted Written On the Body on your interests list and couldn't help myself.

OOh another Victorian Era lover! I think we have a lot in common. ^^
Mind if I add?
Added. =^_^=
Do you mind if i add you~?
I'm actually totally in Love with Lolita and wear it everyday. :D
<3 Yes, please. (people with stashes of frilly skirts are kindred souls)
My name is Sam. I love poetry and other people's work. I've always wanted to go to NYC. It seems so interesting.
Mind if I add you? I love Ross Campbell and Daniel Clowes.
Most definitely! .___.

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