Paul (suburbanitespy) wrote in add_me,

Okay, I recently purged my LJ, mainly due to an impulsive desire to burn some bridges... but now my friends list is looking pretty pathetic. I'd like to add more people, with different perspectives and different opinions, especially since most of my friends come from depression and self-harm communities.

I am a depressive, and I like to complain about it in my LJ, but in reality - as long as I can escape from it - I tend to steer myself away from it. I dislike it intensely when it envelopes me, and at these times I avoid contact with other people, for their sake.

Anyway, that aside:

I'm 28, from England. I listen to all kinds of music, within reason, but my favourites are Elliott Smith and Queens of the Stone Age.

I read a lot. High brow stuff - cus I'm pretentious - but I read allsorts, and I'm always pleased to recieve recommendations.

I dig philosophy, the modern kind: existentialism, morals and ethics, materialism... you know the drill.

I tend to be flippant, humourously offensive - often trampling over all of my beliefs to amuse myself. I feign racism, and communist affiliation - though my political ideology leans that way.

Fuck it, if you've got anything interesting to say, and post things beyond what you had for breakfast today, or how your guinea pig is doing, then add me and I'll add you back. You can always check my profile for more details, though my actual journal is friends only.

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