stripedbeauty (stripedbeauty) wrote in add_me,

I recently started a new journal to turn over a new leaf, but with livejournal for a few years now.

+I am recent
Oregon State graduate in Sociology.
+I am still working on what I want to be when I grow up. Until then, I'm working at a job I don't particularly love to pay the bills. Someday, I'll walk on the beaches without the worries about that.
+I've been through a lot.
+Married to a guy that actually isn't a douche and actually wanted to marry me (ha! fooled him! :))
+I struggled, fall over, trip, bleed, and cry. But I also succeed, fly, heal, and laugh.

Looking for people that I can connect with. Specifically:
Friends. Those who slipped through the cracks. Secret Holders. Treasure hunters. Kings and Queens who sleep well. Dreamers. Hidden artists. Men and women with good hearts.

What I'm not looking for is people that only post memes and they actually read/comment my journal and not having to add a bunch of people just to raise their friend count (that's not my intention! I want people I can trust). While I love people that appreciates shit from their childhoods, I am not looking for people that states High School Musical as their favorite movie and list Power Rangers as their personal heroes while posting pictures in Power Ranger poses. Especially if you're 25. Seriously. Goofy pictures is one thing (I love pictures), seriously doing that at our age is sad.

Not to be picky or anything. Or to appear too angry. LOL.

And I'm not a twitter hater since I love that as well. But also realize that I would like real entries once in a while.


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