a bottle of diet poison (galator) wrote in add_me,
a bottle of diet poison

Hi, I'm Ardena or "Ardi". I'm 18.

I'm kind of new to LJ, I have a journal at Insane Journal as well as here, I just recently started being active here. So, don't be discouraged by the lack of entries, I'll be around for awhile.

You can check out my profile for more information, but in short: I'm a nerd of all trades. I like science and math and computers. I also play LoZ and Super Smash Brothers and D&D. Originally, I was a poetry and language nerd, (sometimes I relapse). I admit I like Pokemon still *sheepish*. I like talking about politics and religion. I have logical arguments and emotional decussions. I don't take offense when people disagree with me. I spend a lot of time at Hapkido (martial arts) class. I'm cheerful and friendly and upbeat. I'm also cynical and sarcastic at times.

I'm looking for interesting people to talk to. =)

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