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lookin' for some new friends

i am 23 years old
i am happily taken & engaged
i have been with my fiance since 03.25.2008
i am an only child
my parents are both doctors
my parents are divorced & remarried
my mom is my best friend
i have a rocky relationship with my dad
i love music
i love dogs
my favorite season is spring
my favorite holiday is halloween
i am originally from boston, ma
i go to college in florida
i am a senior in college
my major is human services
my minors are psychology&computer information systems
i am trustworthy
i am caring
i am friendly
i have a few phobias
i deal with depression
i have epilepsy[seizure free though]
i have a heart disease[but its fixed]
i am the medical child of the family
i love johnny depp + harrison ford
i am a star wars geek

comment on my friends only entry first, BEFORE adding me PLEASE and thank you! at least have something in common with me?

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