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Shut Up & Drive.

Hey guys! I'm Majini. I need new, sincere friends ASAP. I'm a spiritual being who believes that the universe itself governs life and the answer to the ultimate question lies somewhere therein. I'm a toker, and I really hate the way popular culture sometimes glamorizes (and gives a bad name to) my favorite "vice".

Really Likes: Resident Evil, all things zombie/undead, deep space photography, philosophy, introspection, literature, contemplation, Stanley Kubrick, Seth Rogen, some politics, 2012 and other doomsday theories, counter-culture, transcendence...?

Dislikes: Kate Perry and other fake bisexuals, ignorance, intolerance (I say that lightly; even I am intolerant of some things)....that's all I can think of!

Wants friend who: give input, discuss, post pictures, write about daily lives and other trivialities

Anyway, I'm way cooler than I sound (especially when I'm selling myself). I'm a real person, with real problems and emotions, and I prefer the same for my friends page. I like reading about daily lives because I think that people (as in all of us) are inherently interesting in that we are all trying to answer the same question without having a clue about how to go begin answering it. I want to read the collective narrative of all of our lives as they unfold. I like seeing how different people go about achieving mostly the same goals. ;)

I look like this.
Read more about me and comment here if you'd like to be my friend.

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