Stacey (lifenwonderland) wrote in add_me,

I'm looking for new LJ friends because I just got back into the journal phase of my life.
A little about me:
-I'm 22 years old
-I'm a college student in Florida
-I love to read
-I am dyslexic so I my spelling is sometimes off but spell check is my best friend :)
-I listen to all kinds of music
-I love animals and have what I think is the best dog in the world
-I'm into things that are sometime a little young for me like The Jonas Brothers and High School Musical lol
-I'm also into things that are to old for me like silent black and white movies and Jazz music
-I'm an avid news watcher, I love Anderson Cooper 360
-I love to write in my journal, some times about serious stuff, sometimes about school, and even boring stuff that's on my mind when I get bored like why is the sky blue :)
-I'm very open person and a good advice giver when need be

If your interested in getting to know me comment on my Friends Only Entry and tell me who you are. Its not to be picky, its just so I can get to know who's reading my thoughts and who's thoughts I'll be reading too. :)

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