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Add Me Plz

Just about all the friends I have on LJ I know irl, so I figured now was a good time to move past that and make some more pals. =)

My name is Lia, and I am a 19 year old sophomore at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

I'm brutally honest, and if you are too, I'm certain I will adore you.

Add me if you like music, especially old school 80s stuff or new songs coming out from bands I've never heard of. I certainly do, I post weekly on daily_nuggins. Add me if aren't paranoid and live your life the way you want to, because that is the kind of person who's LJ I want to read. Add me if you aren't completely sure what your life's goals are, if you're like me and trying to find yourself, if you had plans and they didn't quite work out. Add me if you like silly perverted jokes and vulgar language... because that is what I'm all about, and the best people and the best moments in my life have come from that.

Add me if you're a rad motherfucker, or at least pretend.

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