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So Ronery...

Greetings humans,


My name is Patricia, or Trish…whatever one wants to fall out of your mouth…


I’m searching for, perhaps, an IRL friend or two (of course that means I would add your journals as well).


It’s very difficult for me to make friends due to the fact that I live in a zombie safe zone, and I am a bit of a cynical anti-social villain.


My current residence is Warren, New Jersey. I also go into NYC about once or twice a month…so even having a homie there to hang out with when I go for my long walks there would be cool~


Okay, so the tag line of my movie is this: A 23-year-old dyke zombie, trying to find some brains in a city full of people without them.


On that note…I’m alone with this world *BAW*, due to not being the average bear…I’m anything but a woman should be…I’ll burp and fart out in public, hate chickflicks, and I won’t wear super short-ass skirts to show off to the world. I dislike attention whores, yet I am considered “goth” due to the way I actually do dress an act…and I’m merely being me, rather than being something I’m not just for the gawking. Tch…


I’m also a liberal and an atheist…I would rather pet a box of cats than go to a bar…in my free-time, I enjoy video games (not Kingdom Heart shit…Metal Gear Solid FTW), writing/role playing, watching yaoi, cosplay, LARPING…and….yeah, that’s about it.


So, if anyone is in my area and would like to chat a bit, please leave me your sn in a comment or add me? :3

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