its_me928 (its_me928) wrote in add_me,

to be a friend or not to be.

        I'm typical.
I'm not anyone special, my life revolves around others, and I do everything in my power to make a better life for my son, and two step kids.
I'm not married, I'm engaged.

I'm 23 I'm a chick...My name is christ-eee-ahhh  (Christia)
I can't spell, I can't punctuate properly. My bad, and a spell check don't help none.

I'm very average, and my journals, are about my life. My stress. my accomplishments what I want to accomplish, and my minimum wage job, which sucks, and I'm over qualified for.

I am very much me. My stride is living day to day, and taking it all in as I can, and problem solving all my problems and about 50 million other problems that aren't mine... As they come. I'm a listener and I am full of advice. I love to make people laugh...

I threw all my Hopes , Dreams, and goals out the window when I turned 19/20. Sad....
But I picked a more meaning full life, wear I know I deserve everything I have. Because I've earned it and worked hard to get it.

I'm cranky and most people tell me I'm bitchy day to day, unless I have my monster in hand.

I'm not fatty I'm Puffy. It's true... So I'll soon shave off my puffiness.  well SHED it off.
I love to make people laugh, and I love to meet new people,. I like reading journals and I comment pretty regularly. I'll warn you if I wont be on for more than a few days, most of my absents are due to I'm busy, I'm schedualed 3 days a week, but I get called in alot more than what I should be. Ehhh MOney is Money...   Oh and I have 3 kids if you didn't catch that...

I'm also commonly a smart ass! 

so give me an add.  :)


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