plummet_ducky (plummet_ducky) wrote in add_me,

hi, i have realised my friends list is shrinking over the last 6 months, so would like some more.
About me, well some stuff - male, 20s, australia, grad student

What do i like. Ummmm lots of stuff. I am pretty open to anything and everything and don't get phased by anything.

Stuff about me
I surf, play golf, go to uni, like to dance, like to drink, and watch some tv (sopranos at the moment)

I used to not add people who i thought i wouldn't get along with, but i find i get along with the most unlikely people. I always think i am unlike anyone in the world for some reason
But some random stuff about me:
- i like those lol cats. I don't know why. I like pets i guess
- i have never broken a bone or had stitches. I am accident preventive despite landing on my head and hitting rocks countless times while surfing
- i get bored easily at times and go through random phases just like a kid. At the moment, my phases are golf, music (i have so many songs its not funny), investing (yeah they are random), and used to be gardening but i can't do that now. And reading ocassionally. And using the maximum of my download limit for music
- i am poor
- i like to talk about stuff rather than just what happened in my day

i think thats all. My profile might have more

if you add me i will add you - no discrimination. Promise, unless i forget


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