Vada (vadakiss) wrote in add_me,

My name is Vada, and i am twenty one years old. I live with my boyfriend, of close to four years and my two children. We stay in the basement of my in-laws, whom i more times than not despise. On March 9,2009 i began my externship for Medical Assisting, at CHCWM, where i failed miserably and are waiting to be re-assigned. I enjoy reading and am taking part in the fifty book challenge.I have recently been big time into the video game World of Warcraft, where i have quite a few blood elfs, yet my highest leveld toon is 30!  I have my ups and downs, i go through hard times and i have my good days. Lately, there have been more bad times than good. My boyfriend and I have recently exchanged our "I love you's" and thats kinda weird to me. I am just looking for some good friends, that will talk with me on here, possibly in
email, and messanger.


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