wish upon a star (passionfruitt) wrote in add_me,
wish upon a star

looking for some new friends.. :]

I’m a 21 year old university student studying computing and such. From Syd, Australia.
I cannot program in c++ for the life of me (but i am forced to learn..or atleast try to anyways). I’m pretty shy and awkward, and laugh a lot (awkwardly). I’d rather a nice night in over a drunk and trashy night out. I spend a lot of my time playing my DS, especially Pokemon. I like sitting inside on cold days and reading a good book. I like cuddles and kisses and being with her. I wish The Wise Man’s Fear would hurry up and come out. I don’t make friends easily irl, i like having LJ friends :] Sometimes my entries are tl;dr, but feel free to add me and i’ll add you back!

11:11, summer, winter, cuddling, pokemon, computers, harry potter, star wars, nintendo ds, mario kart, ice cream, the time traveler's wife, atreyu, cats, coffee, lost, sleeping all day, simple things, stuffed toys, white tigers, mcdonalds, reading, japan, disney land, ragdoll kittens, cute underwear, junk food, caramellatte, blistex, guava, highlighters, afternoon naps, long bus rides

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