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the name is Sam. i'm 16, turning 17 in 2 months. living in SoFla.
i haven't been writing on here very long, in fact i only have two entries, but i'm planning on making it a point to write everyday. or at least damn near close to it.
i have a problem with expletives. i curse incessantly, and generally combine words that shouldn't even be placed together. at times it might seem as if i'm speaking a different language.
i do rant, bitch, whine, etc. from time to time, but hey, i'm a teenage girl. it's only to be expected.
i enjoy music probably more than is conceivable. if you know a band that would possibly interest me, i'd love you to itty bitty pieces if you mentioned them to me.
i'll add anyone who requests me, but please, demonstrate you have some semblence of intelligence.
i'm usually a nice person, until i get pissed off.
no boyfriend at the time, so no nonstop talk about how amazing he is.

i'm trying to make LJ my escape from the trivial dramas that continue to ensue in the lives of me and my friends.

strike up a conversation with me, i desire the company of new people. :D


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