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Here's the deal: I'm a happy person. I'm about to change my major to something crazy, I'm in a happy relationship with a great guy, and I'm trying to become more outgoing. I love the people in my life, but the majority of them are very negative. That means that I have to censor myself quite a bit to spare their feelings or avoid senseless drama. I've started this journal to connect with some more positive individuals. Honestly, these aren't the best times for my family so there may be a little on that. But I am a very hopeful and optimistic person who believes that things will always get better. I want to find like minded people or even people who are just trying to be more positive in general. I am religious, but I am not the scary in-your-face judgmental kind. I'm interested in learning about other people's beliefs and personal philosophies. I love all things creative and artistic even if I don't have a lot of talent in some areas. Really, I'm just looking to post anything I'm feeling without judgment or drama. If you'd like the same, please add me. :)

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