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. my name is erika. im twenty-one from austin, texas. i like indie-pop music,  really bad films, fluffy beards (but not mustaches), popsicles, chicken nuggets and big macs, and  the most awesomely adorable guy in the universe. i also like comic books and video games. i act like a boy. i curse like a sailor. im not very normal, and i dont try to be. im a nerd and a geek (and  i can be a bitch). i live with my gay best friend and i like to whine about him, but he's really pretty cool. that's pretty much it. sometimes, i go to classes to get my biology degree. sometimes.

right now, my journal is 80% friends only. i dont post as often as i probably should, but i try. i try to get to know my friends and comment as much as i possibly can. even if i don't comment, i will most likely have read your entry anyway. if you think im someone youd hang out with in real life, you should add me. you dont have to comment. just add.



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