Rev. Holland Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell (sheworegreen) wrote in add_me,
Rev. Holland Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell

Hi, my name's Holland and I'm 23. I had an old journal that I absolutely loved, but made a new one after a few key turning points in my life. Unfortunately, I didn't really carry any of the old friends over. SADFACE.

I recently moved to Oakland, CA from the midwest on a week's notice.
I guess I consider myself a grown up punk-- I'm still into dumpster diving, traveling, going to shows, radical politics, etc, but my age is starting to show.
I'm engaged as of last week and I just bought World of Warcraft and played two days ago for the first time in my life. Those two are totally related.
My partner and I are experimenting with an open relationship since we're currently an LDR. I might write about sex sometimes.
I'm extremely interested in mental health and intermittently attend school for psychology. I plan on being a clinical psychologist for lower income folks some day and, with any luck, will be volunteering at a free clinic in the near future.
I'm vegan and straightedge, but I don't care what you eat or choose to do in your free time.
Both my partner and I have struggled/are struggling with substance abuse problems and various psychiatric disorders. I don't believe any kind of disorder or illness should be a source of shame, so I'm pretty open about all of that.
I'm a former bike messenger and I'm really into track bikes and random meandering bike rides with my friends.
Im really into Critical Theory, philosophy, and so forth. Foucault is my best friend. I also really like Hegel. Not enough people like Hegel anymore.
I consider myself a post-left anarchist but I try not to talk about it too much. If you're really interested, though, I most closely identify with primitivism.
I really, REALLY like writing about myself.
I might potentially be the LJ friend you hate. I tend to complain, post obscure things, be irrational, talk about my wedding and my boyfriend, and alert everyone when I do things like become an ordained minister online. I'm just saying.
I have a
Blah blah blah.

My journal is a little empty now because I've mostly been using it for communities, but I'm trying to get into the swing of writing in it again.

Thinking of adding me? Sweet. Boring folks (represent!), fannish folks, crazies, rampant carnivores, smarty pantses, capitalists all welcome.

And who could forget? A

Guess which one I am!

This is my homage to all you furries out there. Sayin'.

Look forward to friending you! >:3

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