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Hey There

'Ello there all.
I'm new to this community and to LJ and I'm only lookin for friends who are interesting, have a sense of humor, and are kind.
Here you can call me
~*Jinx*~ and I'm a person who takes a genuine interest in others' posts and always promises to comment. I hope I meet a few people who can do the same. =)

Hmm did I forget anything?
Well this week is the best week to catch me while I'm on break from school. Otherwise while school is in full swing, I don't get to come by the internet as often as I'd like to. I'm very focused on my work and am constantly busy with it.
I really love computers and have a never-ending hunger for the internet. I love the internet because it give me the possibility to connect with amazing people of whom I might have never met in any other situation. Some of the best and the worst people are on the internet, and that's really one of its greatest qualitites.
I love makeup, but don't necessarily aspire to be a makeup artist. Though in my spare time I do have a youtube channel where I upload my own personal makeup tutorials. If you're interested in viewing any of them, feel free to comment/message me for a link! I don't do makeup for vanity's sake nor even for beauty's sake, but I do it because it is an art. I feel genuinely happy when I am doing it, and that's when I feel most creative. I know i'm creating something great on something that was already beautiful. I do other people's makeup, but I nearly refuse to is you don't like the way you look without it. In my opinion, no one should ever pick up a shadow brush until the day they know their beautiful without it's strokes. But that's just me :P
Along with makeup, I take many photos. I do it for fun an because I love my camera. I love using http://www.taaz.com because you can add artistic makeup and hair touches and a less-than perfect photo always turns out beautifully there.
Hmm...what else?
I love to laugh, and am always cracking jokes. I only use sarcasm sometimes, but most of the time I like to push whatever current scenario I or my friends are in to the limit and totally animate it for comedy's sake.
hmm....if there'a anythign else you want to know, just comment meh, add meh, and hopefully we'll talk!

Thanks guys,

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