Lollie (xlovexlolitax) wrote in add_me,

Hi there -

I've decided it's time for me to expand my friends list a little, so here I am!

I'm a 22-year-old Aussie girl, who loves to dream. I'm currently only employed on a casual basis, but I'm looking for something more as I attempt to get into University for next year (with a hope of studying Multimedia Design). I write, read and obsess over music. I also sketch a lot and tinker in photoshop and create icons and other graphics (they aren't in my journal though, they're at laceandfaeries).

The only thing I request if you're going to add me, is that we have something in common. Whether it is that we're both Aussie's, both love to write, are both artists, or share some interests or fandoms. My interests can be found on my profile, but I also have my about me page.

I also like reading my flist (I'm not always good at replying, but I always read), and I'd appreciate the same in return.

Hope to get some more friends! :D


I should also note, that I have the tendency to post very frequently, rant a lot, be opinionated, but I try to keep an open mind because who knows what you could learn! :D

Also, leave a comment here or at my LJ, add me, and I'll probably add back :) I like friends so as long as we have something in common, I'll probably add back :)

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