Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago. (gobblevamp) wrote in add_me,
Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago.

 Reasonably soon I'm going to be doing a massive friends cut. Which means I need some new friends.


I'm Froggie. My age doesn't really matter. 

I'm an enthusiast of hair in general. My hair's been pink, purple, baby pink, bright red, dark red, orange, black, brown, blue and multiple greens. However, it's always been long. Between my tits and my ass, at least. Sometimes dreaded, sometimes not. Always have a fringe, which has been multiple different lengths and styles. Every one I can think of, at least. I'm a big fake hair enthusiast, too. Dread falls, rexlace, etcetera. 

I'm engaged to and in a D/s relationship with the most amazing guy in the world, my Eddie. Currently a long distance relationship, unfortunately. Love him more than words can say.

Music? Industrial, Darkwave, Electronica, Synthpop, Trance, Dark Ambient, Metalcore.

Television and film... I'd post it but I don't consider it a large enough part of who I am to be bothered. If you care, ask. That's all.

Object love? Hand sanitizer, duct tape, handcuffs, needles.

Genres? Horror, Science Fiction, Futuristica, Thriller, Indie.

Sexual loves? Boobs, anal, oral, needleplay, bondage, medical gear, latex, water, spanking, vacbeds, torture.


Warnings - I'm pansexual. I'm opinionated. Although not much, my journal does contain sexual references along with random outbursts of my love for genitalia. There's some swearing. There's a bit of whining, but not much dramaz. 

If you add me, please comment either here or in my FO entry. <3 Thank you!



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