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Hey everyone, I'm Kerri, 21 from Sydney Australia. I'm currently a student at the University of Sydney studying Psychology and Philosophy.

I'm posting here again because a lot of people have gone on "hiatus" and they never come back. I suppose life just gets too busy!! Anyways, I'm looking for people who actually update on a regular basis because if you're not updating, then there's no point having you right? I comment on a frequent basis because.. well I practically live on the internet if i'm not out with my friends, boyfriend or at work/uni.

I'm pretty much your average 21 year old. My Journal pretty much entails what I do, what I don't like, what I like and anything else I feel like putting in there.

Theres more info on my favourite tv shows, music and all that jazz HERE So have a look and comment here or in my friend's only post if you want to be added.

Heres a photo:

Have a good one


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