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Just trying to get from A to B and along the way I got signed to a few record labels, wrote for a handful of magazines (most of which still owe me money), travelled around the world, got married/divorced and became a father to two amazingly kick-ass boys. I'm a fairly decent shot with an AK-47 but better with a shotgun, I've worked in the bowels of submarines and warships, I've been lost in the middle of Cambodia, I've been homeless and I've had money to burn, dropped acid off the coast of Florida, worked on a Goldmine in the outback of Australia, can be a prick to idiots and a nice guy to everyone else, I've flopped/fallen out of a plane at 14,000ft and bungee jumped from 300ft, I never take myself or life too seriously, I'm a little addicted to the gym, I might've spent the odd night in a police cell, I can ski but I can't cook and I'm probably just like everyone else. What's your story?

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