aeriexane (aeriexane) wrote in add_me,

Hi, I've done one of these before but things have changed.

My old one said;
× My name is Teresa.
× I'm 21 years old.
× I drink a lot.
× Sometimes I don't make sense but I always say what I feel and mean in my journal because its my only outlet.
× Im music obsessed, and I love writing.
× My mom killed herself when I was 17.
× I have a tendency to sleep with guys I don't care about.
× I'm not bragging, im not proud of this, but it's apart of me.
× I'm madly in love with my best friend but I don't tell him so.
× I write about him a lot.
× If I like your journal I comment a lot.
× Tanning is rad.
× Starbucks is love.
× If you can match my music taste you amaze me, I like too much random shit.
× I'm weird but I'm sweet and I have been through a lot so sometimes I can be good at giving advice.
× and I don't know what else to say.

kay bye!</i>


I don't drink anymore, for now, I might start again though because I have a horribly addictive personality. Ive used drugs for the last few years of my like as an escapism from reality and things I've needed to do,

I write a lot, I read a lot,

I'm kind of specific in what I'm looking for in a friend, though.
if you just write the daily "I woke up and went to school and like I did this and that and this" then please don't bother adding me,

I'd like to read journals from people who speak their mind, say random things, are artistic, crazy, weird, smart, intellectual and use their journal as an outlet, because thats what mine is for me. I'd like someone who can relate, too.

Also; if you plan on adding me please fill out the thing in my friends only entry and inform me that you've added me so I know.


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