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Fawn O'Brien

Hello! ^_^

Hello, my name is Fawn and I am a nineteen year old psychology student from Canada who enjoys the color green.

I am really shy and awkward within a social context; social interactions really are not my forte; nonetheless, by no means am I a push over or socially inept. When it comes to people overall, I'm rather knowledgeable and given that I put forth the effort, pretty charming as well. Generally, I am an extremely private person and hate to be asked a lot of questions. Over the course of my life, I have decided that there is no wrong or right way to do things; we just do what we do because it is who we are. The point is to seize the pattern in which we have chosen to work, and then break it down, and learn to predict it. The human race is my monstrous guinea pig; I observe and I comprehend them on an intricate level. I have taken it upon myself to figure out the intricate inner workings of the human brain.

Most days I am somewhat of a self-proclaimed philosopher. I enjoy constructing my own personal variations of current philosophies whilst still respecting the diversity of views. I think. I write. I construct. I can be strange, very opinionated, impatient, brutally honest, and have a tendency to rapidly shift moods. Some days I have a lot of confidence and I am egotistical, while other days I have nothing but a bank of insecurities.

Friendly isn't a word I would normally use to describe myself; adjectives like artistic, creative, inventive, intelligent, introverted, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and adventurous is more like it. However, I create on my own time. I'm a solitary creature most of the time, but I do have the capacity to be friendly. I'm just not interested in pleasantries; I like to be honest and I feel anxiety when people are fake and try to restrict what I can and cannot say.

I like singing in the shower, frozen yogurt, writing, abstract art, role play, filling out surveys, psycho-analyzing people, lying in random fields, thinking too much, thriller and fantasy novels, preserving memories by taking too many photographs, philosophical debates, rocking out to Heavy Metal, classical composers, showing nothing is sacred by poking fun at everything, psychology; trees, anything that provokes deep thought; riddles, and brain teasers; sudoku puzzles, Chinese food, Cadbury Cream Eggs, Mint, card collecting, criminology, independent films, etc.

Cliche poems, especially ones about love. Wearing make-up. Being in direct sunlight. Floral perfumes. Light beer. Whiskey. Things that are tight around my wrists. Being touched. Point form note-taking. Mustaches. Jewelry. Chick Flicks. Milk. Man hating nazi feminists. Invasive people. Hospitals. The Beatles. Poor Grammar. Being asked a lot of questions at once. Affirmative Action. Talking on the phone. Even Numbers. Public Speaking. Public Washrooms. When large trucks pass me on the street. The Word "Uber". Flip Flops. Small Talk and pleasantries. The internet 'Bitch' Facade. "Angel Hair" Noodles. High school. The Thought of Floating Around in Space Helplessly. The delicacy of butterflies. Simplicity. Warm juice. The Dark. Falling behind. The Twilight Saga.

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