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five things about me and my journal

I like to post these periodically to meet new people. Also, a lot of people on my friends list use livejournal sporadically, so it spices up my friends list a bit.

Five Things About Me

1. I'm a philosophy graduate student, specializing in aesthetics. In particular, I'm interested in Kierkegaard, Hölderlin and the German Romantics. I'm currently completing all of my requirements to teach and hope to have a couple classes of my own next year.

2. I'm interested in personality typing systems, such as the enneagram, Myers-Briggs and Oldham. I'm a so/sx/sp 4w5, INFJ, Mercurial-Serious-Sensitive-Idiosyncratic. If you know what that means, please add me.

3. I travel a lot. To give you an idea: last summer, I went to Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Last month, I went to Paris. In June, I'm going to Tokyo and Kyoto. In July, I'm going back to Munich for an art and language course. Basically, while I (supposedly) have a reading knowledge of German, I'm very dependent on my dictionary so I'm looking to become more fluent. The school will also take me on tours of the various art museums and galleries in the area.

4. I live with my fiancee, our three cats and two turtles.

5. I like to paint, but I dislike art instruction. Painting for me is pure experimentation and artistic sublimation. My home is kind of my own private gallery. I don't usually post my paintings, but once in a rare while, I will.

About my Journal

1. I post my Tweets, as you can see. These aren't all that I post, but they're about the only thing on my journal that's public. So, while it can give you some idea about me, there's a lot of other material not posted.

2. I sometimes post polls, memes, quizzes, etcetera depending on how much time I have.

3. Of course, I also post about the stuff that's going on with me, reflections on my day, introspective stuff, etcetera.

4. I'll post stuff that's philosophy related, but I don't usually post papers or do really in-depth analyses of what I'm reading. Mostly, because I don't have the time, and it seems like if I'm going to do that, I can just write a paper for a class or a conference. I will, however, reference or give quips about stuff I'm learning in class, post jpegs of old texts or give thoughts on the current state of the profession of philosophy.

5. I like to post excerpts from old diaries from time to time.

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