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i've had many livejournals, this is my third and hopefully permanent. i also have multiple accounts for several different reasons. that being said, i'm not new to this, but for the first few years, my entries were completely locked off. most of my friends from back then have left, so i
figured i'd do something about that. i'm not desperate for friends, but new ones would be nice.

my name is mai and i am fifteen, but i'm often mistakened to be much older than that. when i ask why, they say that i don't act/ look/ talk/ think my age. truthfully, though, i seriously think i look like i'm twelve.

i don't think i'm smart, but i'm not as stupid as i may seem.

i currently reside in a suburb in texas and am in high school.

i'm generally a friendly person, i don't categorize people, and i definitely don't think i'm any better than the next guy. i'm not a complex character, there's not much to figure out about me. i like what i like, and even though i'm not a very opinionated person, if there's anything that i ever do have an opinion about, it's definite until someone can try to change my mind.

i'm very passionate about music, photography, astronomy, design (for just about everything. i love personalizing my things.), swimming, and traveling.

i enjoy: documenting, watching documentaries, talking, discussing, creating, making videos, learning about new and intersting things, extennding my music horizon, movies, shows, concerts, trying out different foods, being with others, seeing what goes on behind the scenes, learning more about people & seeing how they live their lives, interior design, the sims (because i'm a huge dork), expanding my already huge library, decorating, collecting old records and CDs, cooking, my dogs, road trips, waking up in the mornings and just lying in bed with my music floating around the room, buying & collecting & using gigantic headphones that are from before the 21st century, sleeping, rock climbing, and people that are funny / have a sense of humor / can take a joke / aren't too easily offended / can make me laugh.

i strongly dislike: writing, liars, school, nosy & unreliable people, responsibilities, dull offices, dirty bathrooms, public restrooms, where i live, grudges, insects, bugs, and being constantly disappointed.

music: anything. really. i have so many bands that i love, but here are the first five that are either on my mind right now or i can just think of right away: The Strokes, Muse, Flight of the Conchords, The Beatles, Reverie Sound Revue.
movies: American Beauty, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Saw movies, Resident Evil movies, Across the Universe, Spirited Away, The Hot Chick, I Am Sam, Heathers, I Am Legend, SPEAK, Blades of Glory, Napoleon Dynamite, and that's not even close to half.
television: Pepper Ann, Will & Grace, Daria, Flight of the Conchords, Madeline, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Garfield, Grim & Evil, Billy & Mandy. all time favorites, i really haven't seen most of these shows in years.

refer some of your own favorites, and i'll be forever grateful!

i love meeting new people, so just really anyone can feel free to add me. i would prefer if you commented at the journal, though. probably won't check back here too often.

au naturale.
i did say i looked like a twelve year old, right?


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