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I am a twenty years old girl from Texas. I'm happily married and my husband is Nigerian. He is my saving grace and has truly opened my eyes up to so many things I would have never thought. We have a beautiful daughter (She's 2 months old!!) and for the moment I am a stay at home mommy. My family is very important to me. We argue like anyone else but I love them to death. I'm friendly, down to earth, caring, opinionated and understanding. I'm a good listener and up to giving good advice if I can or just shutting up and lending an ear if that's what you prefer. I want so badly to travel to my husbands country and see where he came from and grew up. I think it would be wonderful to get to experience life there and better understand the way they do things and their culture. I enjoy learning and always interested if anybody can teach me something I don't know. I plan on going back to school in August (when my daughter is a tiny bit older so I feel more comfortable with the idea of daycare. Though I must admit, I still don't like it!) to become a Nurse. I don't update everyday but I do comment and I am interested in making real friends here. (Why else would I want you to read my journal and vice versa!) My life is not complicated but it's more than simple. I don't update every day, only when I feel like I have something of importance to say. I do comment and I like getting feedback as well. If you think we could be friends you can comment here or on my journal and I will most likely add you.

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