Lena, MJ, Meg (regenvogel) wrote in add_me,
Lena, MJ, Meg


hey, my name is lena, I'm 21 this summer and I live in vienna.
I'm cutting down my old friends list and always like to get to know new people.

I work parttime at the movies and do english tutoring on the side so I write some stuff about work, including movie updates and pictures, I've been posting a whole lot of photos lately too, I play the guitar so I also post about music (mostly rock, old and new), dialogues and rl stories about whatever happens with guys, friends and family, travelling, outdoors, photography, graphics,...

I'm biding my time to see whether I get accepted into film acadamy this fall to study screenplay so you might get to read some of my work there too.

feel free to comment on my friends-only entry whoever you are, I don't care whether you are male, female, old, young, gay, straight, catholic, islamic, hindu, jewish, buddhist, agnostic or atheistic just as long as you don't mind people who aren't.

I comment a lot and will be happy to read yours, otherwise I'd write a diary ;)

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