truth_skull (truth_skull) wrote in add_me,

hey guys,

so who am i, i am brian, a 23 year old cancer, although i dont know what that means short of the date breakdown. i run an indie internet radio show out of my bedroom. thats a really neat way of saying i podcast, but i am hoping to step out of that in the future and do something more with it. I am a real music nerd, I collect records that your parents wouldnt want anymore, make mixtapes all the time, and hunt for rarities every chance I get. my goals are to one day start a small scale 7inch record label, write a semi-fiction novel about mixtaping and unrequited love, and then to retire in my record store, where i live upstairs from. i take high fidelity way too seriosuly, although i blame john cusack for that, not nick hornby. who would of thought the movie would have been better right? I realize I am only really talking about music, but with me there is not a lot more too it than that. I work a blue collar assembly job building oil valves. I used to work 13 hour days, but apparantly we are in a recession, so i got my hours cut. This means I have plenty of time to become an actvie livejournaler again, and I need interesting people to follow around. I dont expect anything out of anyone, comment if you are interested in what I have to say, or wait till the next go around. I have no issues with that

add me so i can love you

it needs friends just as much as i do

more about me,

favorite bands:
nada surf
kevin devine
the forecast
billy joel
apollo sunshine
the anniversary
the one am radio
band of horses
the weakerthans
all get out

favorite movies:
city of god
love me if you dare
last life in the universe
united states of leland
waking life
the godfather part 2

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