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My account name is the title of a Jimi Hendrix song. At this stage in my life, not much is important besides going to shows and dancing my ass off. I don't like to write about my day-to-day activities, but I can't help but be personal in my own journal. Despite how crappy/biased most of journalism is nowadays, I still believe in it and want to be a part in changing it. My favorite films are Pee-wee's Big Adventure and Dr. Strangelove (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb). I'm traveling to India by myself this summer and I'm incredibly excited/scared shitless! People often tell me that I'm intimidating, an enigma, or mysterious--I don't understand this at all. I like journals that include music, photography and other random, interesting things. I enjoy the heartless commentators on Oh No They Didn't! way too much, even though I have no idea who half the celebrities they comment on are. Two things are obvious upon meeting me: I'm by far a George girl when it comes to the Beatles; my spirit animal is the cat. I realize that most of my views come from an extremely privileged angle, but I'm constantly changing my opinion as I learn more about the world around me. I'm rarely completely sold on something, except for the music I listen to.

If any of this sounded remotely interesting to you, please leave a comment. I do like to look people's profiles before I add them!

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