Cindas (cindas) wrote in add_me,

Me, myself and I.


I'm Cindas, I'm 24 and I live in the South East of England. I'm a wannabe stunt-girl, working in brain injury rehab. I'm training to become an NVQ assessor, I do background work in films & TV and I volunteer for the Royal British Legion.

I'm not looking for friends that are there to make me look good and my entries look popular; I genuinely love meeting new, different people and getting to know them. I don't need you to comment on all of my entries -- I certainly won't be able to comment all of yours, but you'll get my input when I have something to say (even if this is just OMGHAI, ilu). Srsly. I always, always read my flist but I don't always have the time to comment.

I'm looking for people around my age, though if we have things in common then age isn't a huge issue. Gender doesn't bother me (though I do - very seldom - filter some of the overly 'girly' stuff). My journal is open for the most part, but often pictures and some of the more personal things might get locked.

Taken from my my profile:

Reluctant grown up. British. Clumsy. Generous. Inappropriate. Vegetarian. Sarcastic. Loves to read. Cookie monster. Wannabe stuntgirl. Enjoys travelling. Scuba diver. Laid back. Loves meeting new people. Bubble baths. Sleepy. Horse rider. Indecisive. Patient. Bad hair days. Adventurous. Lives in jeans. Opinionated. Duvet days. Shiny things. Hates shopping. Cranky. Drinks green tea. Kickboxer. Loves animals. Outgoing. Enjoys driving. Affectionate. Loves long phone conversations. Takes photos. Likes scarves. Wants a guinea pig. Sociable. Night owl. Squeezy hugs. Guzzles wine.

If you're adding me then please comment here or on my friends only post, thanks! :)

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