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The names Alyssa, I'm 20 years old, turning 21 in August.  I live in Brooklyn, New York.  Born and raised!  I'm not too fond of New York though, and I want to move to San Francisco after college. 

So, a little more about myself;

I'm very curious, and I love learning.  I'm always doing research.  I like understanding how things work and I'm easily intrigued. 

I love art.  It's my passion.  I have loved drawing since I first picked up a pencil, and from that it just evolved to so much more.  I love all kinds of art; just about anything that allows me to create.  I love; drawing. painting. sculpting. graphic design. photography. writing. acting. improv. singing. music. piano.  I believe that if your good at something, you should expand and try something new. 

I am not at all a serious person, I don't see the point.  Life is too short to take seriously!  I'm spontaneous, I love to try new things (& new foods!--love food!) and go to new places and I don't like planning out my life to a T.  Plans tend to change and backfire, so I don't rely on them.  Don't get me wrong, I have my priorities in order and I take my responsibilities seriously.  I'm a college student currently going for my bachelors, and I don't plan to stop there.  But there's a life outside of school and work and it should be lived.

I've been on livejournal for a long time now, and I update regularly.  If you want to add me, I will read and comment your journal.  I also expect the same.  Don't add me if you just want another name to add to your collection.  So if you would like to add me, just let me know so I know who you are and can add you back! =)

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