dull, gunk-covered pennies. (juliaxoxgulia) wrote in add_me,
dull, gunk-covered pennies.

18 years young, five foot nothing.

I'm a bit anti-social.
I like it better that way.
It's not that I'm awkward; I just get over stupid people.
And most of the people at my high school are stupid. (sounds a little harsh, but true.)
Basically, I’m a little introvert.

I recently finished ten short stories for my English chapbook,
entered an art show (photography),
pulled out an essay for some contest thingy
(apparently it was one of the better ones in the school… it was stupid and I didn’t want people to see it.),
and killed Brittany Spears… just making sure your paying attention.

Would you believe that I'm a jock? ...because I play sports year-round.

Anyway, nice to meet me… now introduce yourself.

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