ваıιeч aииe-мaяıe ` ♡ミ (love_stikk) wrote in add_me,
ваıιeч aииe-мaяıe ` ♡ミ

i'm bailey & i am 16
i am of the female gender ,
and i live in aurora, ontario, canada
i am part of, what preps and other shallow, judging persona would call, the dirts,
or sometimes known as the poor class, emos, nerds, but most of all dirts.
i like that title :) although i am in no way dirty <3
i have a free spirit, i do what i please, i am not a huge fan of following the crows, or anything preppy per say .

i have an amazing boyfriend, of 6 months today, named brandon, and i am in love.
i smoke weed and cigarettes, but my breath is always fresh don't worry.
i drink.. obvi baby ;)
at the beginning of the school year , i attended all my classes, in the 10th grade. a month in, i dropped out of normal school to join an the Aurora Alternative Learning Educational Program (AALEP) due to a terrible ex boyfriend. i then got 2 of my credits there and went on back to my highschool on february.. where i then dropped 3 of my classes, and now i only attend 1 class a day from 8:15 - 9:30 , then i'm off .
so i am a 75% highschool dropout in the tenth grade :)
my life is going no where at the moment, but i don't mind. i'm young and have realized that trying to deal with that at this age is a bit too stressfull.. i will deal with that when the time comes haha.
i like hanging out with lots of random people, but my boyfriend and a few of my better friends will come up a lot.

my journal will mostly be filled with my deep-ish, teenage musings, problems, sex stuff (sometimes), boyfriend stuff, drama, drug stuff, parent/family stuff (that is a very complicated subject) and other random bajingles and shitt.

sorrrrry if you don't like my attitude.
lol , for your information though, i'm not a stupid uppy prep or an outgoing scene skinny colorful slut.
i'm me, and i'm going to stay that way babes, take it or leave it .

comment on my friends only please and add,
i appreciate comments every few entries, and i will of course do the same for youu ! :)


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