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I just want to be FREE.

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I'm Ivy and I'm disgusting.
I'm loud, obnoxious, rude, and don't forget offensive.
I laugh at things that aren't funny.
I think train-wrecks are the all-time funniest things ever.
I'm also one of the most caring, sweetest girls you'll ever meet.
I live my life like I'm going to die tomorrow and you'll see a lot of entries in my journal describing my adventures.
Sometimes I post long entries, sometimes I post just pictures, sometimes I'll post an entry in gibberish that only I can understand.
I enjoy being unpredictable and just a little batshit.
My introduction entry in my journal has more random information, if you care to read it =]

Oh yeah, and this is my face
Only Nate gets to see the rest of this picture )

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