dull, gunk-covered pennies. (juliaxoxgulia) wrote in add_me,
dull, gunk-covered pennies.

18 years young, five foot nothing

Right now I'm stranded in the ceramics class at my school. Don't ask. Seriously, the story is lame, not even worth the typing effort.

My name is Julia, which I hope you figured out from my screen name. If not? Back away slowly and pretend you never saw me. I play sports year-round, but for the first time in six years I'm taking a season off. And it's freaking awesome.

I'm into artsy and creative stuff, but most people don't know that about me. I'm an introvert that tends to get over social situations
(I'm not socially awkward, but annoying people... annoy me.)

I like to dabble in fiction writing, so that basically consumes my journal. However, there are bites left over for random angsty teenage bitching.

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