Louise, she's all right, she's just near... (strawberryfawn) wrote in add_me,
Louise, she's all right, she's just near...

...i'm lonely... no. aha. really. i need lj friends and i currently have none.

i'm a nice boring person who wishes she could be hunter s thompson and bob dylan and allen ginsberg. i like to write poetry, though i've been really lazy about it for the past few months. i play guitar, well, i'm learning chords and can play tabs if that counts, but hell, i'm practicing. i love to sing and listen to music. i'm obsessed with the 60s. i read a lot and you'll probably never find me without a book in my hand. what else- hmmm.... i like to smoke weed. that is an understatement. haha. i'm fifteen. freshman and looking way foward to summer. that is me in my profile pic. people generally think i'm weird and probably too nice. i'm awkward unless i dig you. i sit alone a lot at lunch haha. ... it really isn't that funny.

any quetions? any similarities? add me, please. >:D

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