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Hi! I'm Cara. I enjoy smoking fat bowls while watching The Adventures of Pete & Pete, thrift shopping, being socially awkward on the internet, and dark alleys. I love banjos, the blues, sunshine, words words words, skirts, and other girls. I do not enjoy mean people (hate all y'all), poorly applied make up, HAVING NO FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET, and hipsters.

I'm 22. I have a cat that drinks orange juice and eats watermelon. I'm in college, but I wish I had become a tragic folk singer instead. I still have time.

You should add me if you live close to Minneapolis and want to go out for some cheap rum & cokes. Or you want to develop and play a To Catch A Predator drinking game with me. Or you are just generally one awesome muthafucka.

This is Chris Hansen:

This is me:

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