let us frolic away (sansmemoire) wrote in add_me,
let us frolic away

from my profile:
maria. girl. seventeen years old. i'm a few months away from finishing IB forever. i wish to pursue something in digital arts and i'm at a point where i no longer care about making a lot of money. i just want to find a passion in something. but of course, making money while doing something you love is always good too.

I love pixar, calvin & hobbes and vincent van gogh's starry night. I'm inspired by everything. i like to doodle in my moleskins, i keep a quotes journal. i wish to find anyone who is as inspired-driven as i am. as a person, i'm pretty boring. i'm shy, aloof and I am always unable to express my emotions through written form, so my writing is pretty bland. I do hope I get to upload some of my visual musings to make up. being my age, I probably will complain, complain, complain. but mostly about school and some life stuff. but this is lj, so that's okay. I hope. :)

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