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 Im not new to Lj, but this is a new journal. Fresh starts = <3

Im not going to type out a shit load of info so this my "bio" :

comment on my friends only post to be added, i wont check this. Also, after reading this, check my interests and see what we have in common. No men please, you guys freak me out. =) kthanks.

Hi my name is Heather. I have finally decided to do the "about me" so I no longer look like a creeper. What is there to say about me? I dont really know, I am who I am. Make of me what you will. I suppose that I am just your average 19 year old girl who is determined to stand out in a world full of people whom are destined to be the same. I am seen as the rebel, the exception to the rule. I like to be loud, crazy, and at times,a little over the top. It virtually drives everyone around me insane. I hate being told what to do, and I hate when people have to copy my every move because they lack origonality of their own. I only take advice to heart when i feel as if i have hit a self diagnosed rock bottom. I have five tattoos and countless piercings. My tattoos are a road map of all the places I have been thus far in my life. They mean the world to me. I love, love. I am openly gay and am in love with the woman of my dreams. She is my entire life. (yes, I am a 100% real lesbian.) I firmly believe in equality in every aspect, not just gay marriage. I love to write, how ever i can not spell to save my life. I refuse to use spell check. I love and hate change, and due to that, I am constantly changing. I have been through hell and back, then back to hell and home safe again. It has given me more character than i could have ever asked for. Im working on being a little more layed back, however I am finding that to be close to impossible. I guess we will see. Too know what else I am interested in, see below where it clearly says, "interests".


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