Katie (insideout_girl) wrote in add_me,

Today is Sunny, Yes Sunny. Oh how this has turned into a mere weather update for my area, but honestly it is shocking. It has been nothing but rainy and gray the past 3 weeks and now it is pretty and perfect, although I am pretty sure that the weather will be going back to its typical gloomy dreary self by tomorrow. Unfortunately I won't be able to play outside today, but for good reason. I am going to see The Kings of Leon and The Walkmen tonight! I am pretty excited although I can't say that I am as fond of kol's new stuff as I am there old albums, but regardless I am sure live, they put on quite a show. Also I am going with Ryan and I haven't seen him in months so that should be nice, and we are meeting up with my brother for dinner hopefully. I am just excited to have something to do! This week is proving to be a lot more exciting than last week already. It is, at the very least much busier than last week and busier usually promises less time to be bored.

I am still on the pursuit for a bathing suit specifically a one piece right now, and I am willing to pay as much as $100 for it(but not if I can help it). Here is what I have found so far.

If you have any input or know of any that look similar it would be greatly appreciated :)

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